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Iceland is not just another destination - It is an unforgettable adventure into the wild untouched land.

Experience stunning nature, beauty of the rugged landscape and one of the best surf conditions in the world!


Phantom surf jacket

FROM CLIMBING OR SKIING, TO SURF TRIPS TO THE COLD NORTH, This super light and warm jacket will never let you down!

979 pln

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Merino wool beanie

This beanie will keep you warm even after you surfed swells in cold Icelandic ocean.

149 pln

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This capsule has been created to keep our team warm during surf trip to Iceland. By using natural components: goose down and merino wool we have achieved super efficient thermo-insulation to meet the conditions of the cold north.

To each #staywarm order, we will add a photography from Iceland trip signed by Krzysiek Jedrzejak.

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