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Surf dies reglan

Surf Dies is a limited t-shirt created in cooperation with the MARE Foundation to draw people attention to threats of Baltic sea ecosystem destabilisation related to human activityAll income from Surf dies t-shirt sale will be transferred to the MARE Foundation.

Help us save the Baltic Sea


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Surf dies tee

Final of the #surfdies action

We have finished selling a limited series of #surfdies T-shirts, from which all the proceeds have remained transferred to the mare foundation dealing with the protection of the ecosystems of the Baltic Sea.

The collected PLN 10,000 was donated to the foundation during the 2020 collection show in Krakow.


About 3,000 identified wrecks is lying across the Baltic seabed. So far, 80 of them have been classified as potentially dangerous to the environment. Those wrecks still contain chemical substances on board, including fuel, mazut, pyrite and weapons from the World War II. Due to progressive corrosion of the wrecks, uncontrolled leakage of those substances may occur at any moment, resulting in an ecological disaster of unknown magnitude.


Annually, between 6 and 12 million tons of plastic waste enters the seas and oceans of the world. Poland is one of the six EU countries with the largest demand for single-use plastics. It is estimated that about 60% of plastic waste in the Baltic Sea is single-use and it usually starts its journey to the sea after being thrown into the rivers flowing through the cities of central and southern Poland.